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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 17, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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good afternoon, everybody, i'm larry beil. >> i'm carolyn johnson. authorities say the washington navy yard shooter that killed 12 people yesterday were determined to kill as many people as possible. let's get to shannon travis live from the navy yard with the latest. shannon? >> at this hour washington navy yard remains closed to all but he essential personnel. we've learned it will remain that way tomorrow as investigators try to piece together every bit of evidence they can find to figure out exactly what happened. meanwhile, we're learning details about the deceased and
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shooter himself. the day after the 34-year-old aaron alexis killed 12 people in a shooting the search for answers continues. >> we continue to conduct interviews, exploit digital media and to piece together movement autos since the shooting the former navy preservist, it has surfaced, had post traumatic stress disorder after being in new york on september 11th, reekently sought help from a veterans affairs location adding he was having problems sleeping and hearing voices. officials looking into how contracting. >> someone with a record as
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checkered as this man could conceivably get clearance. >> around the nation's capital, somber tributes and calls to action. >> washington is recovering but washington needs more answers. >> officials released remaining names all 12 between ages 46 and 73 and all, civilian employees. defense secretary and secretary of the navy joined others for a wreath laying as for the weapon we're learning more about the shotgun officials say he used in this shooting. we're learning it was purchased at a northern virginia gun store, officials there an attorney tells us it was purchase forward $419 saying he passed background checks but they're cooperating
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fully with laumplt. live in washington i'm shannon travis, back to you. >> shannon, thank you. the victims' families have been informed of the deaths. the mother of one man who designed ships for the navies says she's in disbelief. >> it's not real. it's just -- not possible. not possible they shot him for no reason. he loved his country. he loved the navy. he loved flying. he was just a happy person. >> authorities say eight people were injured during the rampage, three shot. they're in critical, but stable condition. >> right now white house spokesman says lawmakers opposing expanded background checks are taking their accused from the gun lobby. a day after a gunman shot 12 people carney says the president will continue to push for expanded gun control
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law autos he's not hidden his displeasure and disappointment in congress for its fail dwrur pass legislation supported by 80% to 90% of the american people. >> some will renew the push for background check legislation. the trip being organized by newtown action alliance, stay with us for continuing coverage of the shooting. today at 5:00 tributes for victims including how the washington nationals baseball team is honoring them, you can get the latest online and we're tweeting latest developments at abc 7 news bay area. >> breaking news in marin county. the jury conducting joseph naso of murder just came back with a recommendation of the death sentence. >> took jurors only three hours to make the decision. now, it's up to the judge to decide to follow that and sentence naso to death. naso killed four women in
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1970s and 90s and may have been responsible for two other deaths. abc 7 news i team reporter has within covering this story for months and will join us live on abc 7 news at 6:00 with reaction from one of the victims' daughters. >> a different guns for cash idea from the county sheriff getting a thumbs down from county supervisors. >> abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield explain that had would have put the sheriff's department into the gun selling business. the board decided today would it not be a good idea for the sheriff's office to sell old guns back to manufacturers. about $150 for the department. supervisors point to the spring gun buy back reason as a reason why they truck struck down the idea. >> it's because strange we, on one hand turn around and have
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gun buy backs we've confiscated somewhere in the neighborhood about 700 guns and now we're turning around and saying we're going to sell 700 guns into circulation again. i just thought that that was not the message we want to give. >> the captain says he's fine with the decision. >> it was driven as a fiscally driven to try to make money so we can take care of the peoples we didn't come in looking for a fight owe r.. >> sheriff has $6 million in reserves. >> the board did like one part of the prose poseal to allow deputies to buy their own firearms for sentimental reason autos if they wanted to keep that as a personal momento of the service then i >> now, they have to come up with a proposal and vote on it,
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taking about a month. in redwood city, abc 7 news. >> the department of justice officials came today to announce $20 million in grants aimed at hiring new police officers and cities throughout california. >> money coming from the government hiring program going to a number of law enforcement agencies including alameda county sheriff and vallejo police. the city of oakland over 200 officers short of a full staff also on the list. >> the city will receive what is the largest city cops grant this year. $4.5 million to hire 10 officers to help the city address issues. >> the city had 837 police officers. the number is now 615. >> staying in oakland tonight the city council expected to adopt an ordinance spanning
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potential live dangerous objects at demonstrations prohibiting demonstrators from kering shields at protests. a man hit in the face with a hammer while trying to prevenlt restaurant windows from being smashed. >> investigators say a fire started in a laundry room. that fire spread to neighboring homes, he everybody got out safely. >> twitter founder has given his first interview since the ipo filing autos bloomberg west has a look at the next big convenient newer today's after the bell report. hi, john. >> yes. now he's focused on growing start up square.
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since the plan to go public with twitter ace fate certain, he asked about square's plans to go public. >> the best you can do right now is build a discipline to be ready at any moment to go through another one of the events z an ipo is like any other process. >> microsoft betting big on its own stop. the company announcing today it's planning to buy back $40 billion worth of shares. and it was a busy day for microsoft unveiling a new logo for its bing search engine as it tries to better tweet compete with google. a new game plan at electronic arts wilson joined the company in 2000 oversaw high profile sports business, succeeds john
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rotello, ousted earlier this year. as for stocks, they were higher today. policy makers began a meeting your bloomberg silicon valley index rising today led higher by nearly 2% increase in shares of ebay. and bloomberg news learned at and t is selling assets that could fetch $5 billion to help bolster it's balance shee. at ask t undertakes a $14 billion network upgrade. >> dangerous high winds force cancellation of the america's cup races. >> if you hit down on the line of patches and go back. >> before races were races 11
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and 12 scheduled for tomorrow. team new zealand is just two victories to claim the america's cup and second 18 years. oracle team usa owned by larry ellison penalized two points in acheating scandal at the outset. they need eight victory autos speaking of wins. it's windy across the area. >> here is a look at the accuweather update. >> it's warm here is a look at live doppler 7. clear skies from coast to inland. let's take a look at the gusts right now up to 51 miles per hour at sfo. around the bay area, 20 oakland, 32 inland. fairfield so across the area, breezy to windy today. evening hours, here is a live view here at abc 7 looking at blue skies over the bay. it's 64 degrees now. oakland, 69.
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74 san jose. 64 in half moon bay. sheer beautiful view of the golden gate. it's clear there. other readings now 80 degrees in santa rosa. a warm spot at this hour. nacha, 78. 76 concord, livermore, 74. another beautiful view of mount diablo, blue skies this is our first forecast. temperatures ranging from mid-50s mid-70s. sunny in the morning and temperatures into low to mid-50s. maybe upper 50s and warm into afternoon, mid-60s at the coast. upper 80s inland. >> still ahead at 4:00 back to bargaining table. contract talks is there any sign two sides are making progress? >> shoppers beware of the steps bloomingdale's and macy's making making it harder to return clothes you've worn.
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>> after 4:30 more of the time lapse video of the accomplishment. >> at 4:13 our first look at traffic. this is the skyway in downtown san francisco. and a lot better for folks heading towards 101 south on the right side of the screen. back more at 4:00 in jus we love! what's next? great! do you have measurements? yeah, i paced it off. it's about twenty by twelve of these. so, we can measure, plan and install it for you. yea, let's do that! ikea. professional kitchen services at a low price.
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>> now latest on efforts to avoid another threatened bart strike. negotiations continue through a second day. abc 7 news has been monitoring talks and joins us live now from oakland with more. >> everyone is together here inside of the building but whether or not anything promising is coming out of that looks like we're going to have to wait to find out. first matter for both sides to sort figure out how both sides arriving for offers because there are discrepancies this, is day two of three focused on thorny wages, pension and medical benefits bart has moved considerably from its first offer in earlier.
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yesterday, coming down to 13.5 over three. bart says when numbers are crunch it's still too expensive. unions are frustrated with his style. also the fee for we're talking bill, -- still, $112 million over four years, a lot of money. >> we're not here to play games or collect from the public like mr. hawk is doing. if he doesn't like to negotiate work back home. so talks are continuing this afternoon with no indication of when they'll wrap up. it's a fluid situation.
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>> interest there is not a lot of time. according to bart there are talks but only one session that is scheduled for next week. monday, tuesday, wednesday sessions are on the calendar for each of the two weeks after that. but bart points out one of the two big unions is not available on october 9th that is the day before a 60 day cooling off ends. >> it's a new record and experts say paying less may be automotive history. the current streak began december 23, 2010. average never stayed above 3dzs for a thousand days until today. the current after rim for a gallon of regular gas is $3.52 a bargain for drivers here. state wide average in california is now $4.03. some highest prices in san francisco. driver drivers paying average
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4:10 per gallon. >> it's gotten harder to return high-priced items at macy's and bloomingdales. the stores trying to end the practice known as wardrobing. the chain as taching big black plastic tags to garments in prominent places once removing the plastic tag at home the item cannot be returned. >> that is tacky. i mean really. >> a lot of people do that. buy a dress for one special occasion. and then, you know... >> a lot of department stores are getting wind to that. a lot of them on special occasion dresses had big tags for a long time. you probably know that for your daughter goesing to prom. >> i pay attention to the price. >>
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>> taking a look at what is going on. it's breezy out there. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. sunny skies, we've got gusts across the bay area, going to stay windy into evening hours, here is a live view looking towards ocean beach just a hint of low clouds temperatures climbing by 90 thursday, turning cooler towards end of the week and here is a look at sate light image jet stream almost directly over the bay area. over next few days system approaching going to be a rain maker for areas north of the bay area. cold front going to swing through on friday evening.
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it contains very little moye moyer -- moisture, looks like whenever rain occurs will fall north but there is a slight chance of showers or two behind that front working its way, their way into the northern part of our viewing area. let's take a look at tropical system pounding western mexico with flooding rains this, is tropical depression manuel. a former tropical storm regaining strengths about to become a tropical storm again. following the path by friday, making a turn and moving through mexico back to the bay area, clear skies. breezy conditions continue. it will be cool low temperatures into mid to upper 50s. then, tomorrow, sunny skies and warmer. foremost areas in the south bay, highs upper 70s to mid-80s up to 80 in san jose. 86 morgue yn hill. peninsula, highs from 76 in san mateo to 80 in redwood
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city. 79 mountain view. on the coast 64 pacifica. downtown san francisco, 72 degrees tomorrow, 68 in the sunset district. north bay, mid-80s from santa rosa to napa. on the east bay, 78 oakland. 80 union city. here is the accu-weather forecast. cool down on friday as you can see in this seven-day forecast here topping out at 90 inland thursday, saturday, the coolest day in the forecast period and cloudiest. slight chance of showers overnight friday night into saturday but mainly north bay. sunday, first day of fall warming up interestingly enough and warming continues through monday, and tuesday. warmer pattern, i should say. >> it's typical for use yes. it does occur in early october. >> yes. right. >> thanks spencer. >> up next, what inspired prince harry to spend the night in a giant freezer where
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temperatures hit 31 below zero. >> the next generation of 3 d printing how it's transforming everything from auto parts to clothing and food. >> it's smooth sailing heading into san francisco. everybody is moving at the limit. back with more on
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long lines as playoff tickets went on sail, some lined up three hours before the office opened taking less than 10 minutes for bleacher seats to sell out. a's likely playing detroit, the team that eliminated them last year. >> got out of here about 7:00 in the morning we wanted to make sure to get the best seats we can get. we're excited about this team. >> we're playing good against tigers all year. so i'm confident. then, we have a come back to get our alcs tickets. >> the first american league division series game could be either on october 4th or 7th depending on whether a's have home field advantage over detroit. >> if you want to to go to super bowl in new jersey it's going to cost you a bundle. nfl expects tickets for about 9,000 premium seats to sell
4:27 pm
$2600 more than twice last year's price fr the game between 49ers and ravens in new orleans. >> the next tier is expected to go for $1500 a pop. what a bargain. >> yes. >> nfl expecting big demand. new york host sog everybody going to want to to go. but game going to be played outdoors probably really cold in east rutherford, new jersey freezing in new orleans when doing our live show. i can't imagine how cold it's going to be in new york. >> yes. might be better to watch in tv. >> we'll see. >> of course. >> yes. >> speaking of cold conditions, britain's prince harry spent night in a giant freezer to get ready for a trek to the south pole later this year. harry spent about 20 hours in a cold chamber with temperatures dropping to negative 31 with wind speeds of 45 miles per hour. that is him in the red coat. he tested clothes he'll we're,
4:28 pm
he also learned how to avoid frost bite. the prince taking part this a 200 mile expedition to the south pole. >> in the interest of being able to get home safely i should point out a raider's fan produces this show and reminds me raiders are still eligible to make the super bowl this year. >> very early in the season. >> good point. >> still to come an emotional return home for hundreds of people in flood-ravaged colorado. >> also, the stroke of luck for a resident after a massive explosion leveled a home. >> heading to clouds, effort by businesses to keep your data safe
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another day without rain in colorado allowing people to return home. but for many, there wasn't much to return to. abc news reporter marcy gonzales shows us what's happening. >> hundreds of people in colorado still stranded by flood waters. rescuers making sure everyone gets to safety. the number of people one
4:32 pm
accounted for has dropped. >> they've been up there since wednesday or thursday without ability to come down, many without water, very limited on food. >> foremost, sunny skies hang up on the communities starting to dry out. residents starting to find what the surging water carved away and stole. >> there are no words. i'm just in shock. >> the flood water just arrived overnight. flooding streets prompting evacuations. residents lived in 19,000 homes damaged and destroyed all too well. >> i don't think it's sunk in, but the people have been
4:33 pm
wonderful and helped, including the sheriff's departments. and that just, it's just amazing. >> and some areas you can see work is underway to repair badly-damaged roads but in hardest hit areas we're told clean up and recovery could take months. >> and making the best of a bad situation, you can see this clear creek presented a fast moving challenge some just couldn't pass up. they took to rapids they did make it down, smoothly. a massive explosion left behind a smoking pile of debris with pieces of the house flying up to 400 feet away.
4:34 pm
authorities think of a propane tank caused the explosion. >> massive fire that devastated the board walk at jersey shore has been ruled accidental accord tg investigator who's spent over 40 hours combing through evidence. they say the fire began underneath a building with wiring dating back to 1970s. that wiring had been damaged by expand salt water during hurricane sandy. investigators say a spark blue apart live wires and thing went up. >> take a look. we have this time lapse video to share with you showing the luxury liner up righted yesterday. took 500 workers a grueling 19 hours to right the ship giving us a new view of the damage. you can see when we -- zoom in here the ship is cover in algae and slime. it had been underwater 20 months.
4:35 pm
it wran aground in january of last year. >> more personal data being stored in the cloud now businesses moving into that direction as well. and questions are how to keep that data safe from prying eyes. it's the focus of a conference now underway in san francisco. >> there will be more tab blets sold than personal computers. >> he's 29 years old, worth $100 million. because aaron levy saw that change coming a mile away. he's the ceo of the cloud storage community called box. >> we have a lot more ways to be entertain bud that hasn't translate nootdenter prize yet. >>s consumers flock to google drive and drop box, levy says
4:36 pm
91% of the fortune 500 use box because of this. >> focusing energy on security privacy, safety of the information. >> in san francisco, the show floor is packed with security companies, industry watchers say security is where the cloud has a black eye. >> people think there are a lot of hacks and breech autos all of the apps use encryption but with revelations about the federal government snooping about data one notable crypto grapher says he's not taking chance autos it's being suggested peckpeople don't trust american security company that's store this stuff. >> phil zimmerman created pgp saying using a separate app is the only way he'll use cloud storage.
4:37 pm
>> because a service provider can be coerced to hand over the files. >> the ceos of government and facebook says government has come knocking for data, levy says box hasn't been getting requests. >> marketing information and product catalogs is not the information the government is looking for. >> just ahead, heads up. >> taking you to the country holding a nationwide competition to find the best toilet. seriously. >> from east bay hills, we've seen low clouds there and it's
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and automatic hov lane access, the question isn't "why electric?" it's "why gas?" [ male announcer ] the 100% electric nissan leaf. nissan. innovation that excites. now get a 2013 nissan leaf for $199 a month. ♪ tsa administrator was in san francisco meeting with leaders to explain how the agency is changing. the tsa operating under a risk based system. prt of the system includes tsa precheck program. started in san francisco international airport last year. >>. a vast majority of people traveling are low risk due to information sharing people wanting a program like this, there is a demand for it. we're trying to fill that need. >> in fact sfo expanded it's
4:41 pm
lanes from one to four, more than 4,000 passengers use it every day. tsa plans to expand to include oakland international airport, and san jose by december. >> a florida woman says she's happy to be alive after a sink hole swallowed her smart car whole. she was driving on property of the saw grass country club yesterday and says she was trying to get around a water main break and didn't realize how saturated the ground was. >> i saw water on the road and i saw the security officer in the car. i made a turn and 20 seconds later i had water in my smart car up to my ears. >> she says the tow truck pulled her car out of the sink hole. she says she's grateful she got out without a scratch. >> let's check on the forecast
4:42 pm
now. >> yes. here is spencer. >> things looking good here. sunny skies across the bay area. toult xz thundershowers in partsz of florida. showers and thundershowers so active weather there. here in the state of california tomorrow sunny and warm across almost every tire state. highs 87 chico. 84 yosemite down in los angeles 78. a warm in palm springs, 103. pleasant in eureka. dry with highs of 67 degrees. it will be breezy tomorrow, but that is windy and gusty as today. so on the coast highs mid to upper 60s around the
4:43 pm
almost 80s. it's going to be a nice, warm day two. warm days coming our way. as summer winds down. four more days left of summer. >> i'm going to go dry kri. >> yes. really. >> officials handed out the best toilet of the year award. the facilities are judged how well they meet health and safety standards. this year's winner including a shopping mall, a hospital and a gas station. >> show me the gas station. >> yes. >> still ahead at 4:00 fighting back against sagging. the man spending big bucks to get young people to show their minds not their bee behind autos relief from back pain there. may be a better way than
4:44 pm
steroids we want everyone to know stunning things we've been learning about the mental history of of the gunman yesterday. amazing insight and whether cohave been stopped. and people coming up with dazzling inventions. winl make a fortune. and the
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a tennessee businessman says saggy pants on young men presents the wrong image. he's paying 6,000ses today get his message out there. the message is clear, pull up your pants, please. he shelled out $6,000 nor bill board says show your mind not your behind. may abe fashion trend but he believes young men are showing unwittingly a quote, thuggish mentality. >> if you want to be upwardly
4:48 pm
mobile you can't present that image to people who are qualified to make a decision about you. >> remember the song "pants on the ground"? >> yes. >> the man video shows a man with a diploma in his hand. >> checking healthy living news, shots containing steroids are common treat for back pain but research is showing a possible alternative can be just as effective. scientists found the same spinal shots without the steroids can also offer relief. steroid shots can help relief pain but they can increase blood sugar and accelerate bone disease. researchers reviewed 40 studies comparing treatments to reach mindings. >> a french company receive add proveal from european health officials to sell a new drug to treat multiple score yosis.
4:49 pm
it's latest of several new drugs to treat ms. u.s. food and drug administration expected to decide later this year whether to approve it in the us use there is good news for families of loved ones who have regulara -- relatives in assistive living senters. this this is a big victory for 7 on your side. >> yes. what is changed here. >> we are thrilled. so thrilled everyone got on board with this legislation. families being asked to pay up to an additional 60 days rent in a nursing home after their loved ones die. so assist qlifive living centers were allowed to collect the rent under a clause that required notice after someone moves out, including if they die. people like miranda had to continue to pay rent of her late cousin from south san
4:50 pm
francisco, another woman was forced to dot same when her mother died. pat mcguiness shared their story, i should say our story about anyone listening in sacramento. and today, governor brown signed it into law. we're thrilled. the big blow to conexhumer privacy and a battle over tracking you online. the coalition of 110 groups have been working for two and a half years to come up with a universal do not track standard but today the group digital alliance pulled out of the efforts saying it's obvious to them a workable solution was not achieveable. as many know, your every move is tracked on the internet and information used to target
4:51 pm
customers. the coalition charged with coming up with a compromise, today, the group consumer watch dog called on congress to pass legislation banning the tracking of your activities. a new experiment about to get underway in washington state has privacy advocates concerned. new facial recognition cameras being installed at the toyota sent year rena. the cameras and software being tested can find people based on their features. volunteers will walk to see if they can being ided. reaction has been mixed. >> there is two sides to the coin. there is a privacy side. there are a lot of people that they look at that as invasion of pry vass yeechl i get that. another side of it, well, i don't have anything to hide. what does it matter?
4:52 pm
>> the people behind the experiment say crams will be only in areas and people can walk through other entrances if they do not want to participate. >> thank you, michael. >> up next they're amazing machines. future of 3 d printing and what it means to you. >> coming up at 5:00 thinking about getting healthy? researchers look at what it takes to stop the aging process. and a surprise pick michael finney and consumer reports team up to rate the best pick up out there on the road. those stories and more coming up at 5:00.
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here is tonight's prime time line up on abc 7. at 8:00 abc must havey of the week "iron man 2" then join us at 11:00. >> san mateo union high school district says it's no longer
4:56 pm
suing to get students advanced placement test scores reinstated. it resulted in 224 students after discovering they were sitting too close together. the district decision to avoid legal action comes three weeks after the u.s. district court denied a temporary restraining order. >> we live where something custom made is usually prestigious skpechl pens yif but a print of -- -- new breed of printer is expected to revolutionize frefrg auto parts to even body parts. >> where it's heading. >> it's reminding people of old fashioned printers. >> it's the most amazing technology because the printer doesn't care what you throw at it. so this is what they can make.
4:57 pm
the baits and something edible. >> it's a new model enabled by ability to make parts on demand. in that demand is growing with that comes concern about counterfeiting. >> you have the actual design problem where people can do knockoffs very simply. >> that is offset by other benefits drawing 1700 in san jose. this guitar is eco friendly. it sounds like a guitar. it will be make custom manufacturing possible. the
4:58 pm
for medical device autos you're in the going to be able to print a 3 d gun but it's a higher level machine. so a professional unit can cost up to $1 million but smaller units can cost as little as $1300. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm carolyn johnson. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> thank you very much. a jury takes four hours deciding whether a serial killer should die for crimes. >> i'm sandhya patel. live on the roof of the kgotv broadcast center summer may be winding down. i'll have details coming up.
4:59 pm
>> that is in marin county. the jury that convicted josive naso of murder has come back with recommendation of death. >> it took jurors over three hours to make the decision and naso killed four northern california women and may have been responsible for two other death autos he was dubbed double initial killer because victims had first and last names that began with the same same letter. >> i think the an appropriate verdict in this case. >> coming up at 6:00 with exclusive reaction from one of
5:00 pm
the victims daughters. >> a controversial plan has been shot down. >> that is right. they voted against selling guns back to manufacturers. the sheriff's department said it would raise about $150,000 which would help buy new gun autos supervisor says the success was the reason they turned down the idea. >> kind of change we turn around and have gun buy backs and now saying 700 guns into circulation again. >> they say the sheriff's department is funded with $6 million in reserve. >> bart talks continue for a second day this week. the


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